Two ferry workers assaulted

Steven Yates, a 52-year-old Alaskan man, was arrested for assaulting a Washington State Ferry crew member.

His was set at $50,000 during his preliminary appearance on Aug. 9 in San Juan County Superior Court. An arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 21 at 9:30 a.m.

According to court documents, on Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. San Juan County deputies responded to a report of an assault on a ferry at the Friday Harbor terminal.

WSF employees told the responding deputy that Yates had boarded the vessel in Friday Harbor. After going upstairs, Yates returned to the car deck and attempted to disembark the vessel. A crew member told him that he was not able to get off until the captain gave permission.

Yates ignored the crew member, so the crew member ran after him and repeated that he could not depart yet. Yates punched the ferry employee two or three times in the face, causing injury and breaking his glasses.

Another crewmate ran to the commotion and was punched in the jaw before tackling Yates to the ground. This crewmate sustained injuries to his face from the punch and his wrist from the fall to the ground.

After Yates was transferred and booked into jail, he threw a package of cigarettes at Sheriff Eric Peter.

His criminal history in Washington state includes multiple assaults, including assaults on law enforcement; criminal trespass; attempted burglary and vehicle prowl. In Alaska, his criminal history includes resisting arrest, theft, assault, criminal mischief, felony DUI, carrying a prohibited weapon, DWI and making a false report.