Lopez man charged with harassment to kill and trespassing

William E. Rawson, 43, of Lopez Island, was charged with harassment to kill and trespassing on Jan. 23 in San Juan County Superior Court.

On Jan. 18, a San Juan County deputy received an unwanted person call. Rawson had allegedly trespassed onto property near his house and was harassing and threatening the property owners. The victims stated they were aware Rawson owned guns, but did not know if he had any on his person. They also reported he was wearing a large coat. Rawson left the property without incident before the deputy arrived, however, the victims had security cameras. They told the deputy they had previously had a good relationship with Rawson, however, things turned in September when he threatened them with bodily injury. Rawson had also told others he would injure the victims.

On Jan. 19 a No Contact Order was issued, keeping Rawson from contacting the victims. Rawson was also ordered to surrender weapons. Bail was set at $25,000, but his ability to stand trial was in question.

Law enforcement also requested a Petition for an Extreme Risk Protection Order due to the severity of the threats coupled with potential access to weapons. An Extreme Risk Protection Order directs a person to surrender their firearms, and makes it illegal to access, receive, purchase, possess have control of, or attempt to purchase or receive firearms, according to the Washington Courts website. It also restrains the person from obtaining a concealed pistol license and orders them to surrender a license if they already have one.

“An Extreme Risk Protection Order is a tool law enforcement can use to seize weapons [from a person who is a threat to themselves or others],” Deputy Prosecutor Teresa Barnett explained.

The order was granted. Rawson was deemed not competent for court and therefore has not entered a plea, according to Barnett. On Feb. 21 the state filed a motion for inpatient competency to be restored. The motion was granted, and he was ordered to be transported to a treatment facility. A review hearing is scheduled for March 11.

Rawson’s criminal history includes negligent driving, DUI and marijuana possession in Pierce County and negligent driving in Federal Way Municipality.