Treleven pleads guilty to burglary

Joshua Daniel Treleven, 37, of Friday Harbor, admitted to breaking into Roy’s Coffee Shop and stealing a speaker, a blender plunger and a cup of soda. He was charged with burglary in the second degree and theft in the third degree.

On July 22, he pleaded guilty to burglary in the second degree; the charge of theft in the third degree was dismissed. Treleven was ordered to serve 90 days of confinement and pay $800 in restitution. He will remain in custody until the end of his sentence unless he is approved to serve on a work crew.

According to the certification of probable cause, a deputy went to Roy’s on June 20, 2016 to see if the business had been burglarized as there had been a break-in next door. An employee told the deputy that a lock had been cut but nothing appeared to be missing. However, prior to June 20, someone had popped off the window screen at Roy’s and taken a $100 speaker and a plunger for the blender. The employee also thought the person may have taken some soda from the fountain drink dispenser.

The deputy later received word that Treleven was “bragging” at the Hungry Clam about burglarizing Roy’s. On June 22, two deputies contacted the suspect at his home about returning the stolen items. Treleven told them he committed the crime “a while ago” and needed to go look for the stereo. He went into a covered area attached to the residence and located a black portable stereo that matched a description of the stolen item. When asked why he broke into Roy’s, Treleven said he was “going through a hard time lately” and had been depressed since he lost one of his friends. He also admitted to drinking soda from the fountain, and said he was intoxicated during the break-in.

On June 30, a deputy returned to Treleven’s home. The suspect was on his way to a session at Compass Health, and was afraid that if the deputy arrested him, he would be in further trouble for missing his appointment. The deputy assured him that would not be the case. When told that Roy’s owners were pressing charges, Trelevan requested he be allowed to speak with them to “change their minds.” They declined. He then said, “I guess they don’t want their plunger back then.” When asked where the item was, he said it might be in ivy near the drive-through.

His record includes a violation of the uniform controlled substances act, criminal trespassing, theft in the third degree, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.