Support for Alex Ramel | Letter

We write to support the candidacy of Alex Ramel for Representative from the 40th Legislative District, the seat currently occupied by Kris Lytton, who is retiring from office this year. Although there are four fine, highly qualified Democratic candidates vying for this position, he best represents our progressive interests and values.

For years, Alex has stood at the forefront among those opposing excessive fossil fuel transport in the Salish Sea by coal and oil industries trying to convert this beautiful region into another Louisiana. As a staff member of Stand.Earth (formerly known as Forest Ethics), he helped lead the local battles against the Gateway Pacific Terminal and expansion projects at various oil refineries in our area.

But Alex did not just oppose fossil-fuel projects. He founded the Community Energy Challenge, which brought together local governments, small businesses, contractors and state and federal agencies to fashion a highly effective energy-efficiency upgrade program, creating local family-wage jobs in the process. This program helped several islanders — including one of us — to afford and make such upgrades.

As evidence of his ability to work across often contentious political lines, Alex is the only candidate for this office endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters and at the same time by Local 12-591 of the United Steelworkers Union, which represents most refinery workers in the area. In addition, he is endorsed by Local 925 and of the Service Employees International Union and Our Revolution.

We need a leader like Alex Ramel in Olympia to represent us, the Pacific Northwest environment and the global climate. Please vote with us for him in the primary and general elections this year.

Learner Limbach

Michael Riordan