OPALCO 2021 Board Candidates

  • Thu Mar 4th, 2021 1:30am
  • News

Submitted by Orcas Power & Light Cooperative.

As a cooperative, OPALCO holds elections for its board positions on an annual basis. The 2021 Election is the first year of the staggered election process. ALL OPALCO members vote in every election regardless of your home district.

The following are running for OPALCO board positions this year: District 2 (two positions open): Rick Christmas, Joseph Cohen, Rick Fant and Jeffrey Struthers. District 3 (one position open): Eric Beckman, Peter Garlock, Tom Osterman

Find out more about this years candidates at our candidate forum on March 17 via Zoom at 5 p.m.. Email communications@opalco.com to get registration information.

Ballots and voting materials will be sent to members on March 22, the day the election opens, and also will be posted online at www.opalco.com. Members will receive their ballots by email or via USPS, depending on each members stated preference. Ballots are due online or by mail no later than 10 a.m. PT on April 21.

Election results will be announced on Saturday, April 24 at OPALCO’s Annual Meeting via Zoom. This year’s Annual Meeting will have lots of great prizes including electric lawn tools, back-up batteries for outage prep and electric home items. OPALCO will also have breakout sessions with relevant topics for members including OPALCO’s energy programs, Rock Island developments, solar projects and more!