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20-Minute Body Fitness Packages Reviews – Legit 2021 Workout Programs?

What is 20-Minute Body?

20-Minute Body is a three-part fitness program that helps consumers easily work in their daily exercise without having to disrupt their entire day. The program is sectioned into three levels, allowing the user to continually make progress when their current level becomes too easy.

When it comes to weight loss, getting regular exercise is one of the most important changes that someone can make. Exercising in any way helps to get the blood moving, improving the amount of energy the body needs as it burns through calories. Burning calories helps with weight loss, but all of this information isn’t new.

The fact is, most people give themselves the excuse of not working out because they don’t have the time. Whether in the middle of a pandemic or going about daily life as it normally is, people are constantly moving to appointments, meetings, classes, errands, and other plans. Fitting in hours at the gym just isn’t a priority, especially for people who need to get so much done in their day. 20-Minute Body erases this excuse and makes fitness into a manageable part of any exercise routine.

According to the official website 20-Minute Body is exactly what the name claims – exercise routines that won’t take longer than a 20-minute commitment in the gym or at home. The entire brand is centered around making fitness and nutrition manageable for any schedule.

The Trilogy of 20-Minute Body

The program is referred to as “The Trilogy,” giving users a way to take 20 minutes of their day to get fit each day. However, the program isn’t just about improving fitness – it targets the mind and body with:

  • High-intensity interval training, which takes less time but uses more energy with a greater challenge.
  • Zero to 60, which is a combination of HIIT, functional training (FT), and cardio-strength training (CST exercises)
  • The “Afterburn” Effect, which triggers the nervous system to use more energy and inherently increases the calories burned.
  • Go Lean, Go Greek, Go Clean, which shows users how to make healthy meals without using much time at all.

Throughout the program, users won’t actually need any time in a commercial gym, though it is optional to use these facilities if the user is more comfortable. Each of the exercises incorporates a few exercises that offer intense results with strength training, better nutrition, and cardio work.

The program includes a total of 13 workouts, which are recorded on digital downloads and DVDs for the user. The workouts are divided into the cycles below:

About Program I


Program I is the first phase of the program, taking up the first 20 days that the user participates in the regimen. Also referred to as the Yellow Program, the key to this section is to create a foundation of fitness that will take them through the next two sections. Users will primarily focus on their stamina, as well as the techniques that they include and their beginning strength.

The workouts included in this phase are:

  • 4X4 Fat Loss, which has four rounds of four exercises that are all performed in a 4-foot area
  • Primal Movements, which support the strength of the core while working out the entire body at the same time.
  • HIIT MAX, which triggers the metabolism with HIIT exercises that last about 30 seconds each

Users will also get access to a bonus workout called Cardio-Capoeira, which is based on the Brazilian dance of the same name for full-body toning.

About Program II


Program II – which is also referred to as the Orange Program – turns up the intensity for the next 20 days, working with the foundation that the user has just built. Users will get a new workout, which is The HIITMAN, taking the user through three rounds that take about six minutes each for the lower and upper body.

This program repeats two of the workouts that are used in the Yellow Program, which are 4X4 Fat Loss and HIIT MAX.

About Program III


The final 20 days of the regimen is Program III (Blue Program). Users will further elevate the work that they’ve been doing to keep up with the results, though it includes both The HIITMAN and HIIT MAX.

To bring something fresh to this program stage, users will gain access to Power Pyramid that lasts through six rounds of intense fat-burning that adds in an exercise at a time. This program also comes with a bonus program that tightens the stomach and buttocks for a shapely figure.

Gaining Access to 20-Minute Body

To take advantage of all of the programs, and with 2 bonus discs, a Downloadable Nutrition Guide* and Workout Calendar, users can either download the content for $49.85 or order the DVDs $59.85 from the official website.

This company does not accept returns due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. To contact the company, consumers can send them an email at https://20minutebody.com/contact/.

Final Thoughts on 20-Minute Body

20-Minute Body makes a healthy physique into a program that anyone can work into a busy schedule, even if they only have a little bit of time between work, dinner, and all of their other commitments. The program isn’t for people who want an easy way to lose weight, but it will help anyone to bust through the accumulated fat that they’ve allowed to remain on their body for too long. With nutrition lessons as well, users may only be 60 days away from a strong and healthy body.

To learn more about the program, or speak with one of the coaches, fill out the online form at https://20minutebody.com/contact/