Light up Eastsound with holiday cheer | Editorial

We’ve written before about the need for streetlights in Eastsound.

It is dark by early evening when the streets here are still busy. Driving through town can be treacherous – people are walking in the crosswalk and, very often, traveling across the road where there isn’t a crosswalk. Having tasteful, charming streetlights would allow pedestrians and drivers to see where they are going.

We urge the Eastsound Planning Review Commission and San Juan County to tackle this project. Money for the lights could come from a community fund, lodging tax grant or Port of Orcas funds. All ports in the state of Washington have the ability to raise money for economic development and infrastructure.

We’re still hoping that will come to pass, but in the meantime, let’s light up Eastsound in a different way: with holiday lights.

How sweet would it be to drive through town and see every building lit up? Town can look a little dreary on these cold, winter evenings and some holiday cheer would go a long way – for both locals and tourists.

Marlace Hughes, who owns Ray’s Pharmacy, has offered to provide lights at wholesale cost for Eastsound businesses who wish to participate. Call her at 376-2230 to order the lights as soon as possible – it takes some time for them to arrive.

We encourage Eastsound to get on board with this idea. It would give some extra sparkle to the upcoming season and help light the way for pedestrians.