Hyak scheduled maintenance

Anyone who has had issues with their vehicle’s coolant system knows it could be a serious problem. That’s why Washington State Ferries maintenance crews are taking the Hyak out of service next Wednesday, Aug. 30.

Crews on the Hyak, which is currently assigned to the San Juan Islands, recently discovered the problem after noticing oil and water mixing in one of its generators. While the situation is not an immediate threat to vessel operations, if not addressed soon, it could lead to more extensive damage and repairs.

In order to maintain domestic service on a four-boat schedule on the San Juan Island routes, all service to and from Sidney, British Columbia, will be canceled, along with one round trip sailing between Anacortes and Lopez Island.

Cancelled sailings

The following sailings on Wednesday, Aug. 30, are canceled:

· 6:15 a.m. Anacortes to Lopez Island

· 7:15 a.m. Lopez Island to Anacortes

· 8:25 a.m. Anacortes to Sidney/9:45 a.m. Friday Harbor to Sidney

· Noon Sidney to Anacortes

· 2:50 p.m. Anacortes to Sidney

· 5:55 p.m. Sidney to Anacortes

Reservation holders

WSF staff will contact all Anacortes/Sidney reservations holders for Wednesday, Aug. 30, and work with them to make alternate plans. This date was chosen because it had the least number of current reservations and would affect the fewest customers.

Coolant system failure

WSF maintenance crews plan to investigate the vessel’s generator once the Hyak completes all service Tuesday, Aug. 29. Crews will have a better estimate on when the boat can return to service following the assessment.

Return to service

If repairs are completed in one day, the Hyak will return to service Thursday, Aug. 31, returning five-boat service to the San Juan Island routes.

If repairs take longer than one day, another vessel will be brought in to restore five-boat service to the San Juan Island routes.

Washington State Ferries, a division of the Washington State Department of Transportation, is the largest ferry system in the U.S. and safely and efficiently carries 24 million people a year through some of the most majestic scenery in the world. For breaking news and the latest information, follow WSF on Twitter.