Holiday harass, season’s speeders, timeshare tricks | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

The San Juan County Sheriff’s office responded to the following calls.

Dec. 22

• A deputy was dispatched to a reported order violation on San Juan. The deputy contacted the person making the complaint and found there was no violation at that time, and requested they provide additional information.

• A San Juan deputy attempted to conduct a welfare check on an individual with suicidal ideations at the request of the Dept. of Social and Health Services. A deputy spoke with the person and learned they did not wish to harm themselves and refused any assistance. No crime was reported and no actionable information was obtained.

Dec. 23

• A deputy responded to a non-injury collision near Friday Harbor. One driver was issued a citation for passing in a no-passing zone, the other received a citation for operating a motor vehicle without valid proof of insurance and a warning for expired registration.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of fraud, regarding a company looking to purchase a citizen’s timeshare. The crime appears to have been committed outside of the United States and was documented.

• Deputies on Orcas responded to a report of an unconscious person. The subject was highly intoxicated, refused medical assistance, and was given a courtesy ride to the public bathrooms.

• Deputies responded to a trespassing complaint on Orcas. The subject was contacted and arrested for second-degree trespassing and transported to the San Juan County Jail.

• A Lopez deputy completed a collision report after a driver collided with a wooden beam separating two properties in the village. When asked, the driver told the deputy he could not see the divider as it was dark outside.

• On Orcas, deputies responded to a citizen dispute. The issue was handled and the subject left the house without incident.

Dec. 24

• An Orcas deputy conducted a welfare check on an individual. The subject was determined to be able to care for their own safety.

• A San Juan deputy was dispatched to a welfare check of an intoxicated person. The person, known to deputies and under court orders to abstain from alcohol, was located behind a nearby residence. The case will be forwarded to the court probation officer for sanctions.

• A deputy took a report of a dangerous driver on San Juan. While there was no indication of a criminal violation, the reporting party just wished for the incident to be documented.

• A San Juan deputy stopped and issued the driver of a vehicle a citation for speeding 67 mph in a posted 45 mph speed zone. The driver also received an additional warning.

• A driver of a vehicle was stopped for traveling 38 mph in a posted 25 mph speed zone on San Juan. The driver received citations for speeding and for not having their driver’s license on their person.

Dec. 25

• A Lopez deputy responded to a report of a domestic incident. Upon investigation, the deputy determined it was a verbal-only, non-criminal encounter.

• An Orcas deputy responded to the 4800 block of Olga Road for a non-injury single-vehicle traffic collision.

• A deputy on Orcas took a stolen property report from a person who alleged $10,000 worth of goods was taken from a storage unit approximately one month ago. There were no investigative leads.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a vehicle driving on the runway of the Roche Harbor Airport. The incident appeared to be medical and the incident was documented.

Dec. 26

• A deputy was dispatched to a report of harassment in the Friday Harbor area. The deputy learned the caller was having an issue with another person. There was no crime and the caller was advised to obtain a civil order.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a non-injury, single-vehicle collision.

Dec. 27

• On Lopez, a resident requested assistance to remove an intoxicated friend from their home.

• A Lopez deputy came upon a vehicle stuck in the snowy ditch on Center Road. The driver said they moved to the right for an oncoming car and the deeper snow pulled the vehicle into the ditch. A tractor was used to pull the vehicle free, without any damage to the vehicle.

• A deputy responded to a domestic incident on San Juan. The caller couldn’t provide a good location on the incident but a record check by dispatch was able to provide an address. The deputy arrived and the people involved had already separated. No crime was committed and a report was taken.

• A Lopez deputy was called about suspicious activity outside a residence. The subjects involved were gone when the deputy arrived. The home was secure, and the vehicles involved were identified.

Dec. 28

• A deputy in Friday Harbor was dispatched to an agency assist. The deputy contacted the person and confirmed they were okay.

• A deputy conducted a welfare check in Friday Harbor. The subject refused help and the incident was documented.

• A San Juan deputy responded to a citizen dispute.