EWUA board corrects a misleading report on vacation rentals

Submitted by EWUA.

The EWUA Board released a report in response to an unauthorized and misleading presentation given under the letterhead of Eastsound Water about vacation rental water usage.

It can be viewed here: https://eastsoundwater.org/board-vr-study/

The prior report was flawed in part because the study did not differentiate between seasonal residences and full-time residences. Failing to account for the difference in water use between a seasonally occupied residence and a full-time occupied residence gave skewed and misleading results.

“The board felt compelled to undertake our own study in response to the original report given by our former GM,” said Joe Cohen, Vice President of the Board. “The former report keeps coming up in discussions about the future of housing here on the island. While we have no political interest, we do feel compelled to make sure that the data out there on our water system is accurate.”

“There is no evidence that vacation rentals are using water in excess or inappropriately,” said Tenar Hall, board member and mathematician. “We have gone through the data extensively and have found no evidence that vacation rentals are having any adverse effects on our water system.”

The Eastsound Water Board’s vacation rental analysis along with a water resources availability report is available to its members online at Eastsound Water Usage Analysis.