Eastsound water plan meeting

Eastsound Water Supply Committee is hosting a public meeting from 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25 at the Eastsound Senior Center. The committee will be presenting the recommendation in their “Abbreviated Coordinated Water System Plan” pertaining to the future of water service in Eastsound. The committee was appointed by County’s Water Resources Management Committee in response to the County’s declaration that Eastsound is a Critical Water Resource Area. The report is the result of two-year long volunteer study process.

The committee’s recommendations include actions to minimize aquifer contamination risks, address density concerns for on-site septic systems, proposals for stormwater management, and better coordination between public and private water resource management entities.

The report also supports Eastsound Water Users Association as the preferred water purveyor in its service area, and limits options for future development of additional private exempt wells and other community water systems.

For further information contact Vicki Heater at the SJC Health and Community Services 378-4474.

Those interested in obtaining an advance copy of the plan can contact Eastsound Water Users’ General Manager Paul Kamin at 376-2127 ext. 111, or email pkamin@rockisland.com