Dungeons, Dragons, Drama!

Orcas Center’s Artist Director Jake Perrine, is one of five performers who will be playing Dungeons and Dragons in a two-night live-streamed event to raise money for local theatres at 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 21 and 28 at twitch.tv/danddanddrama.

The fantasy story will follow the exploits of the Upright Paladin’s Brigade: A ragtag group of thespians who moonlight as adventurers for hire. Dungeons & Dragons and theatre make the perfect pairing. This is live, long-form improv, gamified – and, at the end of the night, every bit of work that the organizers put into creating a unique online event will directly benefit five Northwest theatre communities.

Leading the charge as the Dungeon Master is San Juan Community Theatre’s Artistic Director Nathan Kessler-Jeffrey. Rounding out the players are Tia Stephens (representing Port Angeles Playhouse), Fred Robinson (playing for Peninsula College Theatre Department), and Jake Perrine, Artistic Director at Orcas Center.

The characters will journey through an adventure testing their creativity, courage, and resilience and YOU get to affect the gameplay through your donations!

Will the wizard have a sweet arcane staff or just a long piece of bamboo? Will the rogue have the sharpest dagger in all the land or a petrified banana? It’s all up to donors! Donations ahead of March 21 will go toward informing how the story begins. Donations received live on March 21 and 28 will directly affect gameplay as it is happening. Learn more at www.dddfundraiser.com; see the donation menu at www.dddfundraiser.com/donate and watch the trailer at https://vimeo.com/521156079