Turtleback Brass to perform at Emmanuel

Submitted by Leni Roberts.

The Music Committee is pleased to welcome back the Turtleback Brass Ensemble to the Music at Emmanuel concert on Wednesday, Aug. 10, at noon in the Emmanuel Episcopal Parish.

One evening in 2001, a group of five brass players gathered to rehearse in a living room. The five had played together for years in different combinations and ensembles. Seeking inspiration for a new name for the group, one member looked out the window at the shapely mountain to the West—and Turtleback Brass was born. Today, the group includes original members Steve Alboucq (trumpet) and Dimitri Stankevich (tuba). Rounding out the quintet are newer members Oliver Groenwald (trumpet), Joe Boucher (trombone) and Don Breazeal (horn).

You may recognize many of these musicians from their performances with the Orcas Community Band, Island Sinfonia, Orcas Choral Society, One World Festival, Orcas Horns, and musical theater productions. If you’re lucky, you are also familiar with Oliver’s amazing Seattle-based jazz group, NewNet. The program will be announced from the stage.

The concerts are free, however, donations are accepted to help fund the Virgil Cleveland Memorial Scholarship program that gives scholarships to talented Orcas music students to attend music camp.