A scene from The Nocturnes.

The Nocturnes dance production | Review

From the mind of choreographer Anthony the Dancer comes a night of art brought to life through luscious movement.

Using live piano music by Lisa Harris as well as recordings of classical pieces, the Island Inspirational All-Stars chasséd and leaped across the Orcas Center main stage on Sept. 10 to a sold-out crowd in The Nocturnes.

Inspired by the music of Chopin, Mozart and Bach and artwork from the Renaissance era and beyond, the production was decadent from start to finish. While the modern and ballet dances were rooted in the classics, the show was edgy and current.

The Nocturnes was anchored by Tiffany Loney, Sam Sprenger and Jessica Kruger whose gracefulness and fluidity was a joy to watch. The cast was rounded out by elegant and nimble dancers Kalie McGinnis, Katie Zwilling, Gail Bulletset, Charles Dalton and youngsters Aristotle Luna and Anwyn Thompson. The cast’s dedication was evident in their polished connection as an ensemble. The costumes, made primarily by Loney, were stunning. Each scene brought a new visual feast of fabric.

The show is back for one more night on Sunday, Sept. 11 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are at www.orcascenter.org.