Prepare for spring critters

Submitted by Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Buds are appearing on the trees and bushes, green shoots are emerging from the ground and songbirds are beginning to sing. Some owls are already nesting and the first baby rabbits could show up anytime.

Are you prepared for spring? Have you cleaned out your nest boxes so they are ready when birds are choosing potential nest spots? Have you checked around the outside of your house to be sure that holes are securely covered so you don’t end up with otters under the house, raccoons in the attic or little birds nesting in your dryer vents? Fall is the ideal time to do this work, but if you haven’t done it yet, now is a good time. Female otters and raccoons are already scoping out good places to make their dens and could give birth to their kits very soon, so if you wait a couple more weeks till it’s nice and warm and feels like spring – you could be too late. It’s much easier for you, and kinder to the animals if you take steps to prevent the problem rather than trying to deal with it after the nest is built or the youngsters are born. Take a look around your house today, and make sure you are ready for spring.