Olga Rising to open

Submitted by Fiona Stone.

It has taken Edward and Fiona Stone commitment, dedication and hard work to be able to finally open the doors of Olga Rising, formerly known as Shinola, the jewelry shop in Eastsound.

It has to do with a big dream in a small town, well that and family strength. Fiona worked in a cafe in Eastsound back in the 90s and loved that everyone came together and gathered despite their differences. Fiona told her dream to Edward’s brother Andy and together they came up with a family plan.

“In truth we started out wanting to create a place that attracted islanders and in the process we realized we accomplished something tremendous,” Fiona said. “We froze a piece of Eastsound (just one lot with a soul as deep as our waters), that now has been removed from the accelerated development of what our little sleepy town has been experiencing. We breathed new life and purpose into something that was destined to disappear. We met purpose and preservation with a dream while doing most of the work ourselves, the old island way. Because of that, COVID, county permitting and inflation it took a tremendous amount of time, but we are so proud of what we have created.”

This new business with its funky shingles has found new life. Olga Rising is located at 172 N. Beach Road and is filled with pantry items, baked goods, custom made sandwiches and freshly brewed espresso drinks. It opens on May 11. Hours are Wednesday-Fridays, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. until staff is acquired to extend hours.