OCS reaches education endowment goal of $10 million

  • Tue Jun 26th, 2018 12:40pm
  • Life

Fifteen years ago the Orcas Christian School set a goal to build a $10 million dollar endowment fund to provide tuition scholarships. As a private school OCS does not seek publicly funded bonds, property or taxing district funds or government assistance, other than to provide hot lunches.

“Our endowment makes scholarships available to any family that qualifies for the federal free or reduced lunch program or students who have art, music or academic talents that would enrich their classrooms,” said Principal Terry Pottle. “It costs about $35 per day for textbooks, technology, campus facilities, sports programs, faculty and staff based on our average enrollment.”

With the education endowment, families that want their kids to come can for a few dollars a day.

Enrollment begins July 15 for the 2018/2019 school year. For applications, call the office or leave a message at 360-376-6683.