Kaleidoscope Preschool receives AED donation

Persistence paid off for Kami Griffin of Kaleidoscope Preschool in the form of an automated external defibrillator.

“We’re so excited,” said lead toddler teacher Griffin, who wanted the preschool to have an AED on hand just in case it was needed.

An AED is a portable electronic device which is able to diagnose and treat potentially fatal heart issues with an electric shock.

Fellow islander Linda Schroeder purchased the machine for the Eastsound nonprofit and delivered it to Griffin on Nov. 15.

After searching for a grant that would allow Kaleidoscope to purchase the AED, Griffin was running out of options. When she mentioned the dilemma she was facing to Orcas Island Fire and Rescue Lieutenant Alan Stameisen, who teaches first aid/CPR classes to the staff, he found a willing donor in Schroeder.