Guiding Good Choices workshop

  • Mon Jan 11th, 2021 9:49am
  • Life

At a time when many are looking for ways to support youth and their parents in coping with the challenges of the pandemic, Funhouse Commons is offering workshops to strengthen family ties. Guiding Good Choices was offered this November in Spanish; a 5-week program delivered through zoom, facilitated by an expert in evidence-based programming for parents from Washington State University, with assistance from two parents in the community, Pamela Jimenez and Flor Orantes.

Marisela Conejo participated in the program this November, with five other parents.

“The important thing is that I learned how we should talk to our children. I already knew, but they gave me many ideas on how to have these talks in different ways.”

The program is part of the youth mental health promotion and substance-use prevention strategy, led by the Coalition for Orcas Youth, in collaboration with the Funhouse.

Explains Alison Sanders, Coalition for Orcas Youth Coordinator, “The Coalition recommended Guiding Good Choices because it works to address addiction and mental health struggles at the root of those problems. …It’s empowering because it presents clear examples of how parents can positively impact those factors at home.”

Another advantage is that parents had the opportunity to share their experience with others who are experiencing similar challenges. One of the factors that has had a great impact on families during the COVID crisis is isolation. Being able to listen to and share with other parents at those weekly meetings is one way to combat that. In March, Guiding Good Choices will be offered in English as well as Spanish. To learn more and register, contact Trillium Swanson, Program coordinator at To learn more about the work of the Coalition for Orcas Youth, visit