Fresh and familiar faces at Salmonberry School

Salmonberry School has announced new teaching staff for the early elementary program this year.

After many years as a Salmonberry assistant teacher Emmy Gran will be taking on the role of lead kindergarten teacher. Gran completed her teaching internship under the guidance of Salmonberry’s head of school Paul Freedman and has graduated with a MA in Education from Goddard College.

She will be assisted in the classroom by Kelly Diamond, who started with the Salmonberry Elementary Program in 2010 and is returning now after taking time off to become a mother of two. With their many years spent at Salmonberry, both women bring a deep understanding of the school’s foundation in holistic education and authentic learning.

Along with Gran and Diamond, Salmonberry also welcomes Alexandria Romero and her two daughters, who are not just new to the school, but to the island as well. She will be assisting Linda Henning in the primary first, second and third grade class. Romero has an MA in psychology and her background as a mindfulness teacher and holistic counselor aligns with Salmonberry’s mission of nurturing the intellectual and imaginative capabilities of every child.

For more information, visit or call 376-4310 to arrange a tour.

Kelly Diamond in the Salmonberry kindergarten classroom.

Kelly Diamond in the Salmonberry kindergarten classroom.