Empowerment Hearts 24-hour workshop

Submitted by Katie Gray

From the time we are born, we are each taught by our families, teachers, media, friends, magazines, commercials and more. We develop an understanding of what being woman means and what is required in order to succeed and survive. What if we have been led astray and trained to be anxious, hungry, judgmental, protective, addicted and silent?

Our society has little space for creative freedom, honesty, openness and vulnerability. After years of improper training, we must consciously pull ourselves from the web of the collective patterning and begin introducing a new way of being with ourselves and one another. Within each woman is the power to break open, conceive life and birth new worlds. Each and every woman has the ability to heal herself and the world around her. We will gather at 2 p.m. on March 27 at Alchemy Arts Center in Friday Harbor.

Facilitators Katie Gray and Bridget Law will hold a sacred and nurturing container for connection, growth and healing. The intention of this workshop is to depart with a new sense of self-acceptance, understanding, confidence, peace and freedom. Katie will lovingly lead the group through various talks and group exercises, sharing insight about the collective mind and societal patterning. By consciously recognizing the mental loop settings we can intentionally create new patterns that will allow us to act with love, instead of fear. Bridget will offer movement, meditation and self-love techniques that are both gentle and invigorating to help the body process emotions and relieve stress.

Opening ourselves from the inside out helps us integrate the trust we will develop so that we can communicate more clearly and collaborate more effectively. Katie and Bridget will also share their and story and music in an intimate concert setting. We will share 3 meals together in this powerful 24-hour workshop. When it is time to rest, we will slumber together, side by side in a red tent of style. Katie will take the group on a surreal and soothing journey of sound as we enter the dream kingdom.

Both Katie and Bridget are recognized for their music careers. Katie Gray is a resident of Orcas Island and an angelic singer/songwriter. She has multiple albums both under her name and with the Sea Stars, her band with her fiance Kurt Baumann.

Bridget Law is the founding fiddler for Elephant Revival and has been visiting the islands throughout the last decade both with ER and to accompany Katie Gray and the Sea Stars. With years of musical performance in their history, both of these women have worked hard to enhance their craft and curate a unique musical experience that embodies sweet feminine energy. To translate what they have learned in intimate workshops centered around the Women’s movement is a natural fit.