Edee Kulper stars a blog about Orcas

  • Fri Nov 30th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

One year ago in November, Edee Kulper’s husband said, “Edee, you’re the perfect person to write a blog!”

She answered, “I am? But I don’t do much social media; I don’t even have a cell phone.” He told her: “That doesn’t matter. You love to write and you love photography. You don’t have to be on other people’s media in order to enjoy creating your own.”

It was true. Even though she’s not a big phone-talker or Facebooker, if there’s anything she’d like to do from sun-up to sundown, it’s writing and photography. After mulling the idea over a bit, she ran into a friend at Sequel who said that if Kulper started a blog, she would read whatever she wrote. Encouraged by those words, a few days later when she was sick in bed and unable to do much, Kulper went to bluehost.com and began teaching herself how to design a blog.

It took some deliberating to finally decide that Orcas Island would be her main focus; but now, a year later, it has been up and successfully running – to date there have been over 7,800 hits on her site.

“My intent is to capture the magic of this place, knowing that it will gradually change. We moved here six years ago and already things are quietly shifting,” Kulper said.

She loves documenting its natural beauty and the unique charm of the community.

“There are also a million other, deeper things I want to write about, so I sneak a few of those in here and there,” she said.

Her blog is called “Life on Orcas Island: Life on a Northwest Island and Some Edeeosyncrasies of My Own.” It is available at www.lifeonorcasisland.com.

Since publishing the blog, Kulper has been offered three different writing jobs, which she has reluctantly turned down.

“My first and most important job right now is being a loving, present, available wife and mom,” she said. “I have a rule for myself that I won’t be on a computer around my family. There are too many people who aren’t available because they’re tied to their devices; I need to be one of the few who is isn’t. But that also means that most of my writing happens once everyone goes to sleep. There’s no way I could parent the way I want to and also take on bigger writing jobs. My dream has always been to make a living as a photographer and writer. But right now, I need to be the best mom I can be.”