Ecological Overshoot series holds second event

Thanks to all who attended the Nov. 14 event on Ecological Overshoot, the first in a series of three events on the topic. Dr. Bill Rees introduced the concept of Ecological Overshoot and the many environmental problems that are symptoms of this overshoot. His presentation was followed by Q&A.

The video recording is available here:

The second event in the series is at 5:30 p.m. PT on Nov 28. Jeremy Jiménez will introduce us to the environmental issues we should be talking about besides climate change, and why we really need to be talking about them. Mainstream media and governments are focusing almost exclusively on climate change, because its impacts are readily observed, because we are measuring it and because the focus on climate invites the kinds of “solutions” that don’t ask us to change our way of life much if any at all. Jeremy will show why this is a mistake, and ask, which team are we on? Team civilization? Or team life?

We look forward to seeing you there!