Do not miss ‘Cirque-US’

As the Rock on the Rock choir sings in the finale, “This is the Greatest Show!”

Of the many productions I’ve seen — and even occasionally been a part of — in this community, “Cirque-US” is very obviously one of the most energetic and ambitious show ever performed on the Orcas Center stage.

With acrobats, aerial silks and complex dancing while singing flawlessly and a thematic vein running right through the middle of it, the show is visually and audibly beautiful. People of all ages take to the stage, and air, to deliver a performance unlike any Rock on the Rock shows before it.

Produced by Grace McCune and Jake Perrine — the creative minds behind previous grand musical productions like “Rock of Orcas” and “Across the Universe” — I went into the show expecting greatness and was still blown away.

The show, which features music from “The Greatest Showman,” opened to a full house, a rare occurrence for any island production. Audience members were lined up at the doors anxiously awaiting entrance to the circus held within. None were disappointed and all left with a smile on their face, anxious to talk to friends, family and neighbors about the plethora of talent that graced the stage.

You absolutely must see this show before it’s gone forever and is a happy memory in the annals of Orcas history.

The roughly 75-minute show continues May 24-25, May 30-31, June 1 and June 6-8 at 7 p.m. Tickets for Friday and Saturday night performances are $20, with $10 weekday specials on Thursdays. Tickets are available at or 360-376-ACT1. An audio trailer for the show is online at

Mandi Johnson/staff photos