Vote yes on school levy | Letter

We live on Waldron. Our school will benefit from the new proposed Orcas school bond that will be presented to voters on Feb. 14: a new interior wall. It will be welcome.

Obviously, the bulk of the bond will be spent on Orcas facilities. Nevertheless, we are voting for it. In this country, one of our cherished beliefs is that kids are our future. We believe that, though we are senior citizens who no longer have a child in school. When we were young, others paid taxes that helped with our son’s education. It’s only fair that we pass that gift along. We can’t imagine voting against a bond issue like this. We’re convinced that district administrators have been frugal and responsible in deciding what funds will best serve students, parents, and the community, and are impressed they have in mind actions and policies to see that as much money as possible will be spent on Orcas to benefit the local economy.

Concerns have been raised about the planned field improvements and a new track. Not only will these serve students, but also the greater community of the island. Their use will not be confined to high school PE, intramural and league events, but also for Little League, adult competitions, neighborhood and family pick-up games, and will be available to those who need to walk or run on a safe surface within reach of assistance (think about those undergoing rehab exercise after hip or knee replacement surgery). The current facilities were never right; they’ve been makeshift, at best. School planners are rightly looking toward quality long-range use. Increased maintenance costs are in line with prevailing standards, and those costs will add — again — to the local economy.

Feb. 14 is voting day. We ought to show that our concern for students is not just a myth and that we care for our collective kids as much as we care for our spouses and sweethearts. It would be a sweet thing to do.

Sam and Sally Green

Waldron Island