Vote Randy Gaylord as prosecutor | Letters

We cringe every time someone states that he/she supports Nick Power for prosecuting attorney because he is a progressive, a Democrat, and/or a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Those who believe that he is a progressive have been duped. Be aware that Power’s words don’t match his actions. Vote for Randy Gaylord.

In the five years, he has been an attorney in Friday Harbor, Power joined the unsuccessful efforts of local property rights and anti-environmental protection individuals and organizations.

He challenged the Critical Areas Ordinance, opposed the charter reform and brought a frivolous lawsuit to unseat Jamie Stephens – Power still owes the county $10,000.

(Editor’s note: Power maintains that in general, he did not oppose CAO and that he was pro some of the charter amendments. He told the Journal that the Stephens lawsuit is now before the Washington Supreme Court.)

More telling is Power’s current representation of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and Glen Morgan, both ardent opponents of labor unions and Democratic and progressive candidates, organizations and elected officials. Power represents Morgan (a former employee of the EFF, now the executive director of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights) in four lawsuits filed in Thurston County against the Island County Democrats and the 11th, 43rd and 46th Legislative District Democrats. Power also represents the EFF in protracted legal proceedings in King County against Service Employees International Union 775.

As they say, you can learn a lot about a person by the company he keeps. The EFF is so radically anti-labor that its website says it doesn’t even recognize Labor Day as a national holiday. And Morgan has been engaged in a campaign of partisan harassment and disruption of anything and anybody Democratic over the last few years, including filing hundreds of complaints with the State Public Disclosure Commission against Democratic candidates, organizations and elected officials.

Needless to say, the San Juan County Democrats have endorsed Randy Gaylord, who has the experience that matters. Readers are encouraged to vote for Randy, whose family and career show true Democratic values.

David Dehlendorf

San Juan Island

Judy Scott

Orcas Island

Learner Limbach

Orcas Island

Mac Langford

Lopez Island