Vote Bill Bangs for PHD | Letters

I’m writing in support of the candidacy of Bill Bangs for commissioner of the Orcas Island Public Hospital District. Bill will be an effective commissioner, bringing his deep experience, intelligence and attention to detail as well as his collaborative style to bring cost-effective medical care for all on Orcas.

My experience with Bill is working with him in his exceptional job as co-treasurer (with his wife) at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish on Orcas Island. His attention to detail and the ability to create a clear financial report that is understandable to even those who fear numbers will benefit the governance of the new district. The relevance of his experience leading small teams where collaboration, facilitation, innovation, patience and persistence were critical to solving problems was evident.

Bill believes that the tax levy rate should be kept as low as possible while providing quality medical care to each and every Orcas resident with respect and compassion. Please join me in voting for Bill Bangs as Hospital Commissioner No. 4 on your ballot.

Stewart Mehlman