Support Bangs for PHD | Letters

For a caring heart plus a sharp brain with a sharp pencil, vote Bill Bangs for the Public Hospital District commissioner position no. 4.

With a long family history on Orcas but a recent full-time resident, Bill has a deep love of our community and an unbiased eye as we explore the best way to meet our health care needs.

As co-treasurer of our Emmanuel Episcopal, Bill has brought a fresh eye to the needs of the congregation. Bill understands that the “devil is in the details” and is exceptionally good at ferreting out and addressing little devils before they cause big problems. We have watched him bring financial systems up to date and in line with new arcane requirements smoothly, effectively and without causing turmoil.

Bill understands how to meet real needs fully while making every penny squeak. He has targeted the contracts with health care providers as the leverage point to make sure we get the health care services we need – all of us – without spending any more tax dollars than absolutely necessary.

Several qualified candidates are running for PHD commission position no. 4. For our money, and our health care, we’re voting for Bill Bangs. Hope you do, too.

Dennis and Lynn Baker

Orcas Island