Don’t interact with mink | Letters

If you know me at all, you will know I am writing this letter as a warning and enjoying doing so, as it is a pleasant break from finishing my taxes.

The Sounder had a picture of a very “cute” looking animal on the front page on March 28. Yes, it is a mink, but it is not as cute as pictured.

I would like to relate that well over 60 years ago a good neighbor, Nova Langell, caught my brother and me trying to catch such a darling pet. He gave us a good tongue-lashing. We had cornered the creature up against a natural stone wall that dropped 15 or more feet to the beach.

He explained in no uncertain terms how sharp the cute beast’s claws and teeth were and how shiny our eyes were in the afternoon light, and how if we had gotten closer to the mink, he, being the mink, would have gone for our eyes and that we would do well to give the mink a broad path as the man did not want to have to rescue us from the harm the mink could and would do.

So look from a distance, and do not touch. The mink is cute but also dangerous and not a pet. Back to the taxes.

Marguerite Olson

Orcas Island