Toni for Fire Commissioner | Letter

Toni Knudson is loyal and hardworking. She lends a hand when you’re in need. She’s full of passion and love, especially when it comes to things she cares about. Nothing tops that list more than this rock in the middle of the Salish and the people on it.

Toni is the owner of Buck Bay Shellfish. It’s a successful business that employs over 40 people and manages a six-month budget that exceeds the yearly budget of the Fire Department. She has a degree in accounting. Her management and vision have led to her success.

Toni was a building inspector for SJC. During her time there, she managed over 60 projects at a time and conducted building inspections to ensure that projects were adhering to code.

We’ve all heard of the turmoil that’s ravaged the Fire Department over the last few years. The Fire Commission is now composed of four appointed Commissioners and only one elected. The Chief and the Finance Manager have resigned. Many skilled employees and volunteers have resigned. Thankfully, we still have exceptional firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs serving on our behalf, but this certainly cannot be the definition of an organization firing on all cylinders.

I believe Toni will work to reengage with the staff, volunteers, and residents to ensure that we’re heard and respected. She’ll ensure that the Commission becomes more transparent with the community. These are the first steps to reestablishing our trust in the Commission.

She opposes this levy, as it was created and put before us with little to no public input. This levy will almost double your fire taxes — an 82% increase. Forever. It will hit those on fixed incomes, working families, and renters the hardest. It will make it more difficult for many to remain on the Island.

While I hope that you’ll vote for Toni, it’s okay if we don’t see it the same way. I just ask that you vote for the candidate that you believe can lead our Fire Commission to a healthy and thriving future.

Visit Toni For Change and vote by Aug. 1!

Ed Andrews

Orcas Island