Toni for fire commissioner | Letter

The common thread for us all is, we value our fire department as an essential service to our community. Many lives have been saved, thousands trained in CPR and First Aid, and we respect our volunteers, EMTs and qualified staff.

It is obvious something is amiss in the culture at our fire department, and we all desire a high functioning healthy fire department. With all the complaints and commissioners appointed rather than elected, and the latest flyer that threatens the dismissal of local staff unless we vote for the levy, I think it is time for something to change.

The best thing I can do, is vote someone with strong local leadership, someone willing to put themselves out there for the good of our community. This is why I am voting for Toni Knudson for Fire Commissioner.

I have known Toni as a friend, a building official and a successful business owner. Who doesn’t love taking friends and family to Buck Bay? That is not why I am voting for her.

I believe Toni will listen to staff, volunteers and community members. She will process and prioritize the issues at hand. Toni has the tenacity for getting to the core of the truth. She will build transparency and community trust. It is clear we need Toni’s courageous community minded governance, willing to support, build and hold people accountable.

Please take a look at Toni’s vision to engage our community at Her experience and skills will make her a strong advocate for the community while supporting our fire department to be the best it can be.

Ethna Flanagan

Orcas Island