Thank you to island healthcare professionals | Letter

After falling off a small cliff I was reminded how lucky I am to live on Orcas Island. In addition to a letter of thanks, I hope that this serves as a brief glimpse into the heart of a caring community.

Thank you so much to my wonderful neighbors, Pat, Carol Jo, Jess, Tom, and Mark, for coming to my rescue. And to Orcas Island’s incredible first responders, thank you Alex Conrad, Dean Daugherty, Barry Gehl, Rich Harvey, Rita Harvey, Kim Kimple, Bob Nutt, LaRen Rossie, and Michael Vis for applying your advanced training so skillfully and carrying out a very challenging extraction to perfection.

Thank you, Suzi Rose, for the hospital bed, and to the Fire Department for delivering it. Stephen, thanks for overseeing the Lions Club’s equipment loan program at the Senior Center. And much thanks, Juan Carlos, Antonio, and Boris, for rushing over to build a ramp. Thanks Suzi, Katie, Amy, and Raven, for providing essential assistance during the most difficult weeks of my recovery.

Which brings me to our local healthcare professionals. Thank you, Dr. Peterson, Julia Thompson (PT), Scott Schoultz (OT), and Roma Rozanska (PTA) for getting me back on my feet, one exercise, encouraging joke, and x-ray at a time. And thanks, Debbie, for keeping the Orcas Island Fitness Center up and running through the pandemic. Thank you all. I am lucky to have neighbors like you and we are all fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Mark Pedelty