Support for levy | Letter

I would like to encourage everybody to support the upcoming school levy. The levy will finally address the poor condition of the fields around the school. I have played on these fields as a student, and coached on them as a parent. I have also volunteered my time to help get the fields into semi-playable condition. As a physical therapist, I have suggested to some community members to use them as a place to exercise.

I have heard arguments for and against the track. Some are calling this levy the “Track Levy.” I would ask you to please consider this a “Field Levy.”

The fields are in bad shape; they have deteriorated beyond what moms, dads and kids can do with rakes, shovels and wheel-barrows on weekends. When they were built, insufficient funds led to the lack of a drainage system. In winter and spring they are too wet to walk across, let alone play on. Their uneven surface is a hazard, and they need to be graded, drained and re-planted.

This levy will run for a maximum of only 6 years. For 11 cents per thousand of assessed value, we can make the fields safe and playable. This will benefit everyone who uses the fields, including every child in the school.

Andrew Stephens

Orcas Island