Support for Cindy Wolf | Letter

I am writing to voice my support for Cindy Wolf for San Juan County Council representing District 2. Cindy is creative while practical, and would meet the economic, social, and ecological challenges of the county with deepcare. What makes her stand out as a candidate to me is that the reach of her care extends far out to marginalized members of our community. When she speaks of the “public,” she is including Black, Indigenous, People of Color, low-income families and individuals, people without documents, children and many who are underrepresented or hindered from having a political voice.

Cindy has a sharp vision that enables her to see things largely rendered invisible. As a person of color, I frequently weather the forces of racism embedded in the culture and structures of our society, including here on our island home. I was once walking listlessly in a compromised state from experiences of racism; Cindy, who was merely an acquaintance at that time, stopped me in my tracks asking, “Are you alright? I can tell something happened. Would you mind sharing?” With her, I never have to labor to make my experiences of racism and violence legible. She picks up on the most subtle ways injustice takes place and speaks out against it. In every Zoom meeting committed to anti racism efforts, I can count on her to be present. Cindy is someone who will continue to see, listen, and respond with action to our community’s needs.

Hyo Rhi Kim