Response to vehicle tax in SDCDMP | Letter

I read the article in the October 25 issue of The Seattle Times about adding a tax to all vehicles on the San Juan Islands and had to respond. Imposing yet another tax on residents of our islands seems to me to be an insult to everyone who lives here. It’s already more expensive to live here, especially for lower-income families, people on very fixed incomes, even businesses who are struggling to get by, and young people trying to eke out a living here with all goods and services way more costly than on the mainland, not to mention ferry tickets on routes that may or may not be running that day, and you want to impose a tax on all our vehicles? Really? It won’t affect tourists one whit, but it would be yet one more extra cost to the people who live here, albeit a small sum, but an extra expense that none of us needs. Try harder.

Heidi J. Lindberg,

Orcas resident since 1983