Recognizing young musicians | Letter

Student musicians work mostly out of the limelight – practicing in class and plugging away at home honing their craft.

I would like to applaud all of the local businesses who sponsored the “Music Student of the Month” ads in the Sounder for the past six months and brought recognition to Orcas Public School student musicians. These businesses are: Stoltz Kau Architects, Madrona Point Insurance, Orcas Construction, Fitness Quest NW, Terra Firma NW, and Inn at Ship Bay.

Through their sponsored ads, six young student musicians were honored. They are Pedro Guerra (6th- grade trumpet), T.J. Liblik (middle school viola), Doni Kasperski (5th-grade alto saxophone), Bethany Carter (5th-grade violin), Alanna Lago (8th-grade oboe), and Isabella Douglas (6th-grade violin).

Except for recognition at twice-a-year school music concerts, student musicians rarely hear cheers from the sidelines. But they sure learn a lot of valuable lessons. These are some of the lessons our music students have expressed. “Music is a good way to connect people. It’s a universal language.” “Playing music helps me concentrate.” “When I’m stressed about homework, music calms me down.” “If you’re about to give up, practice and have patience. You’ll get better.” “I like music because you can let out your emotions.” “When I’m playing I can feel the music and it makes me happy.” “Music gives you good grades so you can get to university.” “Music can be important to the heart.”

Please support these local businesses who recognize that “School Music Matters.” And go to to find out how you can help the Music Advocacy Group support music in the Orcas Public Schools.

Kristen Wilson

Orcas Island