Mia Kartiganer for port

There are a lot of races on the ballot for this election.

As one who has been on both sides of election results, and one who has chosen not to continue as an elected official, I wholeheartedly recommend Mia Kartiganer for position 3. If you read the voter pamphlet, she has truly spoken to and for the public during her term as a port commissioner, providing sensitive leadership from her position as an examiner, questioner, supporter and advocate for the port. Her broad reach of transportation issues, her outreach to the community and ability to listen and process the myriad of inputs, propose solutions and move the port forward is a valuable asset.

Even more importantly, as a nonpilot, she brings the voice of the majority of islanders to the table. She also balances a need for proactive and contributing women to the commission, which I feel is a much-needed quality.

Please support Mia for another term as the position 3 commissioner; she deserves to continue to work for the port and the community in this important time.

Bea vonTobel

Orcas Island