Let’s celebrate peace | Letter

After the Bellingham chapter of “Veteran’s For Peace” read a letter I wrote in the Islands’ Sounder Oct. 2 edition entitled “Why are we glorifying war to our children?” they said they’d be honored if I’d sow some local seeds for peace here on the island and march at the rear of our Veteran’s Day parade under their banner.

Too many innocent people now see the United States as creating the most terror and the biggest threat to peace. If we want to change the narrative of war we need to end our silence and stop our complacency to all these illegal wars we create. This Nov. 11 join me in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, created in 1918 to celebrate the end of“The War to End All Wars.”

The more people we have marching for peace the sooner we start talking about it, and the sooner we can begin creating it. The only way we can ever hope to change our story globally and make a difference is to change our story of war locally. Let’s celebrate peace and putting an end to the war.

Please comment on the Islands’ Sounder website and/or message me at j.cook64@yahoo.com and let’s walk together in peace. Let’s create an 8-foot banner celebrating peace with more than enough feet and hands to carry it. And if you’re a senior and walk slow, I’m in the same boat and you’ll have no problem keeping up. Let’s break the silence and reverse the course of more illegal wars!

One of my three grandkids turns 18 this year and has never known the world without a war of created terror. As a grandpa, it’s my duty to make sure her child doesn’t have the same acceptance of war and suffering along with a fear of those who might disagree with us. Even though President Eisenhower created Veteran’s Day after the Korean War ended in 1953, he also warned us before he left the office of the Military-Industrial Complex.

John Cook