It’s time for a hospital district | Letter

Marsha and I moved to Orcas in 1985 and after a year of settling in we started to get involved in some community issues.

One issue in particular was the unstable medical situation. Doctors came and went. It was a struggle for them and they all needed subsidies to maintain their practices. After-hours care was a particular problem due to living on an island.

We both served on the Medical Board and were involved in successfully building the Medical Center. However, problems continued with the instability of doctors coming and going. Additional changes were required to solve this and other problems.

A petition is now being circulated to create a Hospital Taxing District. Both Marsha and I feel it’s very important to sign this ballot issue. By doing so we will all have the opportunity to address, discuss and learn the facts involved in resolving this unstable medical situation here on Orcas.

We urge you to sign the petition that will put this issue on the ballot.

Bob & Marsha Waunch

Orcas Island