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‘Homeboy’d’ – or how losing can still feel like winning

“You got homeboy’d…” whispered a source over dinner. “It was rigged.”

“You’ll never beat a local,” said another local, who asked not to be identified, as conspiracy theories rustled through the air like leaves laughing in alleyways.

But I knew the score: I’d already won! As one of three directors who had won a short film grant from the Orcas Island Film Festival, I had the honor of being honored at the coolest little festival in the Upper Left USA, eating for free on island at Mia’s Cafe and getting swag, free granola and t-shirts! And even preferred seating! Jeepers!

On the first night, I told everyone back home in Swell A (Los Angeles) that Bruce Pavitt was deejaying our party, and I’d just met Jean-Marc Vallée, who was cutting a series with Amy Adams (knock me over with a feather).

I made a groovy crew of new friends and was treated like #artistsmatter when a kind clerk re-opened Ray’s Pharmacy after closing because I’d torn my hose and she’s seen “Rigged.” I felt so sparkly and grateful.

I spent much of the weekend fermenting on the brilliance of Gary Oldman as “Churchill,” and the wonderment that old stories can always be told anew, with fresh eyes and huge talent.

When my political satire “Rigged,” about a real, fake mayor’s race and the corruption that ensues, made its debut on Friday night, it felt great to hear the laughs right on time. I had even gotten wind that islanders were inquiring who wrote the script.

On Saturday night, when I didn’t hear my name called and “It Takes An Island” took home the short film prize, I knew I had no chance going up against brilliant young locals and their incredible musical talent. “Rigged” was noir, while the winner sang.

As the stars sparkled in the smoking section, and me new chums told tails of wonderment, I still felt like a winner and sometimes that’s enough.

Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Cuda wrote, directed and produced “Rigged,” a satirical film that made its debut at the Orcas Island Film Festival. Cuda is one of three to win a film grant from the festival.