Clearing up confusion about a medical mailer | Letter

Some of you may have received a post card within the past few days about two upcoming presentations about “MASA Medical Transport Solutions.” I believe this mailing was intended for people who are retired/60+/Medicare-eligible, though am not sure. These presentations were shown as scheduled for the Orcas Island Public Library, and in fact the return address area on the post card displays the Library’s name and address. This is very misleading at best!

I want to let you know that the Library was in no way involved with the production or distribution of this post card or any associated marketing materials, and is in no way affiliated with this company or its presentations. In fact, I informed the MASA organizer that the Library can’t be the venue for these presentations because of two elements that violate our meeting room policy: first, “participants may not promote products or services of a for-profit nature”; and second, “publicity must not suggest Library sponsorship or affiliation unless confirmed in writing by the Library Director.”

The post card itself shares contact information, if you are inclined to follow up with them.

I hope this message clears up any confusion. As always, feel free to get back to me with any questions.

Phil Heikkinen

Library Director