Brian Ehrmantraut for Fire Commissioner | Letter

Brian Ehrmantraut has lived on Orcas for nearly 25 years. His background is in engineering, taking tech startups to becoming successful Fortune 500 companies. He has proven skills in leadership, finance, and developing healthy workplace cultures

On Orcas, Brian has served as Planning Commissioner, Port Commissioner, Housing Bank Commissioner, EPRC Member, Trustee and Treasurer of OPAL Community Land Trust, Board Member of the Orcas Family Health Center, Board Member and Treasurer of Children’s House, one of the founders of Salmonberry School, Member and President of EWUA, and Board Member of Lopez Island Vineyards.

I’ve worked with Brian on the Board of Orcas Highlands Association for the past seven years. I have found him to ask insightful questions and provide answers reflecting his vast knowledge of county rules and operations. Brian is able to bring people together, has prudently managed budgets, is experienced with governmental processes/regulations, is a strong advocate of transparency, and has extensive experience in hiring and retention of good people.

Directly relevant to serving on the Fire Commission, Brian has been a structural firefighter, technical rescue team member, and marine rescue/transport team member for about 10 years and has served as an officer of the Orcas Island Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Association. He has told me he would rather simply fight fires and help people, but he sees the need for his experience on the Fire Commission. His goals are to rebuild trust, achieve financial stability with community support, and retain, recruit, and train volunteers.

Please vote for Brian!

David Turnoy