Brian Ehrmantraut for fire commission | Letter

We hope you will join us in voting for Brian Ehrmantraut for Fire Commissioner position 2 and support the change that will allow OIFR to flourish. As a volunteer, Brian has a hands-on understanding of Orcas Island Fire and Rescue. He also brings a wealth of governance experience, having served on the Port of Orcas Board, the Eastsound Water Users Association, as a Board member and president of the Orcas Highlands Association, and on the OPAL Community Land Trust as both a Trustee and Treasurer. His service as a member of the San Juan Co Planning Commission provided Brian the opportunity to listen to a wide range of strong opinions throughout the community, and he was able to help lead people into agreement over contentious issues. He believes in the value of community engagement.

At this point in the evolution of OIFR, good governance is paramount. The levy lid lost with a record percentage and yet the current commission opted to run the exact same request once again. The downward trend of volunteer engagement and retention is continuing and is deeply concerning. Orcas needs a strong and dependable fire and rescue response and that requires skilled leadership.

Brian has the skill to craft a working budget and funding model and is already working with fellow candidates so they are ready to act as soon as elected. He understands what is needed to keep his volunteer peers engaged and satisfied. His business acumen is a bonus that will benefit us all. We are grateful he is willing to serve and fully support him. We hope you do as well.

Hank Date and Hilary Canty