Boteler for public hospital commissioner | Letters

I have been a part of arranging an Orcas clinic affiliation with a hospital/health organization for more than 10 years. No matter which organization Orcas is affiliated with, a Public Hospital District is needed.

Commission position #4 requires the most discernment. I believe Diane Boteler is the candidate best suited for the position.

Diane is a long time Orcas resident. She understands the issues of living on this island.

Diane has been a family physician for over 30 years. Primary care is what is provided on Orcas, and she is personally very aware of how to do it as she has practiced medicine on Orcas as well as a number of other sites.

It is important for us patients to have the insight of a physician as a commissioner, and a family physician has unique insight to our issues. Diane’s intelligence, perspective and fairness will serve us well.

I am very grateful that Diane Boteler agreed to be a candidate.

Tony Giefer

Orcas Island

With strong encouragement, we ask you to vote for Diane Boteler for Public Hospital commissioner No. 4. First, let us say that we are impressed with all of the candidates running for this office. Their depth and breadth of experience is remarkable. That said, we feel that Diane is perhaps the most uniquely qualified to hold this position.

We have known Diane for almost 20 years. She is an accomplished rural family heath physician. Without doubt, her professional experience in working and running a rural medical clinic will be a key asset to the PHD board. Her interest in bringing a hospital district to Orcas goes back almost the same 20 years. In 2000, she was part of an effort, along with Bob Lundeen, Theresa and Ed Sullivan, and us, to fund after-hours care with a hospital taxing district. While the measure went down to defeat, Diane had the foresight even then to understand that medical care needs subsidy in order to survive.

While it is obvious that she understands what is essential in providing excellent rural health care to Orcas, what we’d also like to emphasize is that Diane understands people. Over these 20 years, we have known Diane to be compassionate and empathetic when dealing with anyone in her personal or professional life. She is respectful and thoughtful in her consideration – qualities that not only make her an outstanding person, but will serve her well as a commissioner. Most of all, Diane listens; as a representative of the public in wanting to create the most successful health care system for Orcas, she will hear how your needs could be best served. If something isn’t working, she will put in the effort to change that. If something IS working, she’ll push to make it even better.

So, for her experience, intelligence and responsiveness, please join us in voting for Diane Boteler for public hospital commissioner.

Lance Evans

Janet Brownell

Orcas Island