Boteler for hospital commissioner | Letters

I applaud all who’ve stepped forward as candidates for Orcas Public Hospital District commissioner, giving their time, intellectual investment and concern for the health of all individuals in our community. Many of the candidates have strong professional experience in public process, consensus building, strategic planning, budgeting and fiscal management.

I am writing to express my particular support for Diane Boteler because she brings with her important expertise not possessed by any of the other candidates.

Most importantly, Diane is a primary and urgent care physician. Her medical expertise will be invaluable as the commissioners negotiate the services needed for our community. Secondly, Diane has practiced on Orcas for many years and knows what is needed in our unique, island medical world. These two factors will give Diane an opportunity to make important contributions to the decisions commissioners will be making.

Diane has spent her entire career in rural primary medical care, which is a huge part of what this ballot measure is attempting to stabilize. Should this community approve a public hospital district, which it should, Diane’s reasoned voice of experience is needed.

As an Orcas Islander who has benefited from her on-call medical expertise, I am convinced that Diane Boteler’s voice at the commissioner table is essential.

Barbara Courtney

Orcas Island