Another reason to love Orcas | Letter

There used to be a bumper sticker: Orcas Island: The Way Life Should Be.

It’s still true.

Our ballots arrived today for fire and port commissioners and the fire levy. The county included statements from all candidates plus impartial, supporting, and opposing views on the ballot measure. Basically, they gave us a voters’ pamphlet on a single sheet.

Thank you, San Juan County.

Thank you, candidates, one and all.

All the candidates for both the fire and port commission are long-term, mostly multi-generational Orcas residents who are running for the love of their community. Their views differ, but they’re all stepping up to serve us. That’s what democracy is supposed to be.

With the county, the League of Women Voters, and our valiant local press providing information, we can vote intelligently. Please vote. And be grateful you live on Orcas Island.

Lynn Baker

Orcas Island