Porta Potty pranksters; vagrant visitors; colliding cars | San Juan County Sheriff’s Log

  • Sun Jul 15th, 2018 1:30am
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The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls.

July 4

• A Lopez Island deputy assisted a motorist on Lopez Island who misjudged where the edge of the road was when parking. The car became stuck but was easily pulled out.

• San Juan deputies responded to an inmate experiencing problems. The inmate was placed in the safety cell and a mental health professional was contacted.

• A report was taken on Lopez Island alleging violations of a domestic violence no contact order. The matter is under investigation.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a noninjury accident on Olga Road. All parties were uninjured. A report was taken and the driver at fault was issued a citation.

• A report was made of a minor injury collision in Lopez Village.

• A resident reported that someone stole her bike from a Lopez Village business while she was working. Efforts to locate the bike were initiated and a report was completed.

• After a neighbor complained, a Lopez Island deputy contacted a subject regarding fireworks. No fireworks were observed or confiscated, but the fireworks ban and consequences were discussed. The subject said he now had a very clear understanding of the rules.

• San Juan deputies responded to a two-car rollover collision with possible injuries. A driver appeared to have veered into the oncoming lane and struck another vehicle. One driver was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence.

• Deputies on Orcas impounded a vehicle parked in the roadway on Lovers Lane an hour and a half after the firework show ended. The driver showed up as the vehicle was being towed.

July 5

• Two thefts were reported in Friday Harbor. There are no suspects at this time, and an informational report was taken.

• Vandals knocked over port-a-potties in Eastsound. There are no suspects.

• A deputy was dispatched to a report of an order violation in Friday Harbor. An investigation is in progress.

• A deputy took an informational report regarding a civil dispute in Friday Harbor.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched to a vandalism call for an incident that happened the night before in Eastsound. A report and photographs were taken of the damaged windshield. No suspects at this time.

• A deputy responded to a report of a dog bite on San Juan Island. The deputy gathered all the information and completed a report.

• A deputy in Friday Harbor was dispatched to a citizen assist and provided the citizen with an informational report.

• Orcas deputies responded to a domestic dispute in Eastsound. The incident was settled by contact and a report was taken.

• An unwanted man was causing an issue inside an Eastsound business. The suspect eventually left before deputies arrived. The suspect was later identified and issued a no trespass letter.

July 6

• An Orcas deputy responded to a disorderly conduct call in Deer Harbor. The matter was resolved civilly.

• A welfare check was requested in Eastsound. After the deputy contacted all parties the call was cleared.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched to an unwanted person in Eastsound. The suspect had left the business when the deputy arrived. The suspect was contacted later, and report was taken.

• San Juan deputies were dispatched to attempted burglary of a residence. A report was taken, and the suspect was trespassed from the property.

• A person in Eastsound was arrested by Orcas deputies after causing alarm with extreme outbursts and aggressive behavior.

• A Lopez deputy responded to a hit-and-run complaint. An unidentified person drove onto a man’s property and damaged his vehicle. The damage appeared to be done by another vehicle.

• A deputy was dispatched to Friday Harbor on a wanted person call. The person was contacted, taken into custody and processed at the sheriff’s office.

• A Lopez deputy spoke with a resident who claimed a highly intoxicated male harassed her while she was at a local business. The perpetrator was located, and he apologized. The reporting person subsequently declined pressing charges.

• An Orcas deputy stopped a vehicle for a defective tail light. The driver was issued a citation for having no insurance.

July 7

• A San Juan business reported an unwanted person was trespassing. Deputies later located the suspect and issued them a trespass warning letter.

• Deputies on San Juan responded to a two-car collision on private property. Information was exchanged, and the vehicles were photographed.

• San Juan deputies were dispatched to a bicycle found near Roche Harbor. The owner was not located, and the bike was placed in evidence as found property.

• An unattended vehicle in the ferry lane on Lopez Island was causing a safety hazard. The vehicle’s owner was located and the vehicle was moved.

• An Orcas deputy was dispatched to an accident with no injuries near Eastsound. Both parties exchanged information.

• A deputy was dispatched to a theft in the Friday Harbor area. When the deputy arrived, the bikes had been returned.

• A vehicle was stopped on Orcas for defective brake lights. The driver was issued a citation for no insurance.

July 8

• A Lopez deputy was called out to locate the source of an unusual noise occurring in the early morning hours. All was quiet when the deputy arrived.

• Deputies were dispatched to a theft on San Juan and a report was taken.

• A deputy stopped a vehicle for expired registration in Friday Harbor. The driver was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license-second degree and issued infractions for an expired registration and no insurance. The vehicle was left legally parked until a licensed driver could move it. The original driver was released, and a report was made.

• A deputy on Orcas stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver was issued an infraction for speeding 44 mph in a 25 mph zone.

July 9

• A deputy made a report regarding fraud in Friday Harbor.

• A deputy took a report of an apparent break-in at an Eastsound residence. Persons(s) unknown had broken into a cabin by kicking in a door. The case is currently under investigation.

• An Orcas deputy responded to a report of a hit-and-run collision in Eastsound. The reporting party stated she was attempting to pass another vehicle when the other vehicle struck hers with the left front side of their car. She parked to make contact but the other vehicle had left.

• A sick deer was reported on Lopez. When the deputy arrived, the animal was up, grazing and wandered off into the woods.

• A driver on Orcas was stopped and arrested for driving with a suspended license in the third degree and issued a citation for not having insurance.

• A San Juan deputy was dispatched to a single-vehicle accident. The reporting deputy arrived and located a vehicle off the roadway. The driver was not injured and showed no signs of impairment.

July 10

• A Friday Harbor driver was issued a citation for improper passing on the right and received a warning for an expired vehicle registration.

• A Lopez resident reported a vessel trespassing on their mooring buoy in Shoal Bay. A deputy made contact with the occupied vessel; the vessel was immediately untied from the buoy.

• On June 27, a San Juan County detective received an FBI report regarding a possible threat to a former resident of the county.

• An Orcas deputy found a wallet in the roadway while on patrol. The owner was located and the wallet was returned.

• An unwanted person was reported in the Friday Harbor area. A deputy arrived and contacted the involved persons. The unwanted person was considered a trespasser.

• An Orcas deputy stopped a vehicle for expired tabs. The driver was issued a citation for driving with an expired vehicle registration and no insurance.