Introducing Ella Weaver

As part of her sixth-grade class intern program, Ella Weaver has been spending time at the Islands’ Sounder to learn about journalism. She and editor Colleen Smith Armstrong worked on the following piece to introduce her to our readers. Watch for news stories from Weaver in upcoming editions.

Every morning Ella Weaver wakes up to the sound of music.

“I don’t do well with alarms,” laughed the 11-year-old aspiring singer. “My mom comes in and turns on Alexa (a smart speaker device) to get me up every morning. I start my day by dancing and singing.”

Weaver, an Orcas resident, has been taking voice lessons from Grace McCune for the past six years. Each week the two get together to play music, write songs and work on singing technique. Weaver has performed in several local productions, including “A Christmas Carol,” “Les Miserables,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Across the Universe” and “Whale of a Show.” This May, she will be in the large community production of “Rock of Orcas,” performing a medley of 1980s songs.

“My dad was in a band when he was younger, and my mom was a dancer so she plays music all the time. Whenever it came on, I just started singing and dancing,” said Weaver.

Some of her favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry, but she enjoys all genres. Weaver is also interested in horseback riding, dancing (ballet, tap and modern), tennis, photography, journalism and filmmaking. She and her sixth grade class at Salmonberry School are traveling to New York for spring break, and Weaver plans to make a film set to Swift’s song “Welcome to New York.” They will also watch a performance of amateur night at the Apollo Theater. In the next five years, Weaver plans to continue to cultivate her musical passion.

“I hope to be in more plays and productions and still singing with Grace,” she said.