What you need to know about health care | Letter

If you have any questions about health care, Medicaid or Medicare there is free help available from trained experts. You can call the Orcas Medical Center and make an appointment with Mike or Peggy. They completed the Shiba training and can help you navigate the confusing maze of health care rules and regulations.

Peggy made me aware of timeline windows and requirements that on my own I would have missed. Without the help of trained experts you can easily miss out on benefits you may need and deserve.

Peggy also helped me find out about benefits that my partner qualified for that we were not aware of. As a result, she got some much-needed help with her health concerns.

We both are very grateful for the help we received, and if you have any questions or concerns I urge you to make an appointment and understand your rights and options with these difficult and confusing decisions.

Mike Larkins