Vote for Bill Bangs for PHD | Letters

We are supporting Bill Bangs for commissioner of the Orcas public hospital district, position No. 4.

We have had the pleasure of getting to know Bill over the last five months or so and have found him to be someone we are able to easily place our trust in.

Bill is easy to talk with, he listens and answers thoughtfully after considering the question or comment posed to him.

We believe him to be someone who will, with great attention to detail, be able to solve the intricate problems that will arise as part of this commission overseeing our new PHD. He is also a great member of a team as is evidenced by his statements of past project management, and support of small groups working to find solutions via team problem-solving.

We like and respect Bill a lot and judge him to be the best candidate for position No. 4. He sincerely has the well-being of our community at heart and believes in great medical care and availability for us all.

Clark & Joanne Cundy

Orcas Island